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Motad Limited

Honda CB500

Honda CB500

We stock a wide range of systems that cover the Honda CB500, for the CB500 R-Y2 Dohc Twin, SW-SY2 Dohc Twin Faired bike we produce a full stainless 2:1 stainless steel exhaust system along side individually the silencer only and down pipes and collector only. Also for the CB500/550 K1-K3 Sohc 4:1 complete exhaust system.

All of our Motad stainless range comes with a long 10 year warranty to compliment the build quality that we produce.We provide fitting instructions with every system to help assist you with the fitting process along with the fact that the system will not need to be re-jetted making it a quick and efficient replacement if your preexisting system has came to the end of its journey.

We have been in the exhaust business for coming 50 years now and have always designed and manufacturered everyone of our systems here in England with the finest English engineering involved in every system developed.

Model Info

Material Stainless steel
Years system fits

R- Y2 Hohc Twin, SW-SY2 Dohc twin faired - 1993-2002

CB500/550 K1-K3 Sohc model 1972-1977

 Part numbers
Warranty 10 Years
CB500  R- Y2 Hohc Twin, SW-SY2 Dohc twin faired silencer  M5HR
CB500 down pipes and collector R- Y2 Hohc Twin, SW-SY2 Dohc twin faired   M5HRC
CB500 2:1 R- Y2 Hohc Twin, SW-SY2 Dohc twin faired complete system  M5HRK
CB500/550 K1-K3 Sohc complete 4-1  exhaust system


Power difference 
Weight  2.45 kg
Size (Length)  685.8 mm


Down pipes Collector Motad can Venom can Full system Link pipe


Silencer only (1993-2002) £197.69
Down pipes and collector (1993-2002) £184.10
Full system (1993-2002) £323.99
Complete system (1972/1977) K1-K3 £259.68

Sound test

Downloadable links

Image0213 Image0214 m5hrk



Jubilee clamps

Jubilee clamps






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