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Motad Limited


Motad began in the 60s with a close association to the top racers of the time.

Mike Hailwood , Peter Williams and Bill Ivy were close to Alan Baker our company founder. Alan was a very early user of a full face helmet- an early Bell helmet was great until he realised the americans didnt race in the rain and the visor did not lift up or vent against fogging up!

With the exhausts of the Japanese bikes of the time being both fragile and of often poor quality- Alan saw a market for a long lasting and well made UK option and it from this demand that Motad began and this ethos continues today. Indeed the first two exhausts developed for Honda 500 and 750 Fours are still being made today.

Initial production was in London. After several moves to expand production, in the 80s it became clear that a move to the West Midlands "Black Country” was essential. As a production centre Walsall has huge advantages with highly skilled engineers and a comprehensive range of other specialist engineering and metal specialist companies locally if required for any projects.

The strength of any company is the people, and very many of our skilled colleagues have been part of Motad for 10 years and much more. The commitment to the future is shown in the younger members of the team following the same Motad standards.

Motad has always worked closely with other companies who need their own top quality exhaust outside the Motad range. As supplier to Triumph Motorcycles Motad supplied all exhausts for over 10 years to the Hinkley factory until Triumph moved production to the far east. Many of our customers continue to use Motad to avoid the costs and inconvenience of supply from outside the UK.

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