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Motad Limited


Below you will find some answers to the most frequently asked questions here at Motad.

Do i need to remap/rejet my bike to fit a Motad system?

All of our Motad range and also Venom range can be fitted as a straight swap and no remapping will be required making it an ideal quick and efficient replacement.

Is it full stainless steel?

All of our Motad stainless and also Venom range comes in full stainless steel, covering all down pipes, collectors, manifolds and silencers.

What is my warranty?

You should see your warranty sheet to confirm the warranty that you have with your individual purcashe. If you cannot find your warranty please contact us with your Invoice number so we can confirm the date of purchase. All of our stock that we sell from 2016 comes with a long  warranty, all of Motad stainless comes with a 10 year owners warranty along side the 3 year owners warranty for our Venom silencers.

Does my system come with port gaskets?

We don't supply port gaskets with our exhaust systems however upon request we can provide limited sizes.

Will performance we affected?

We advise to see the webpage for your bikes system on our website to see the exact performance difference. Motad do not produce performance enhancing exhausts and with our Motad stainless range attempt to keep the design of our exhaust as similar to the original as we possibly can do so. There may be slight improvements in horse power but not massively noticeable, we tend to have a much smooth mid range with the Motad exhausts.

Call us?

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