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Motad Limited


Here at Motad we have a huge range of R&D capabilities including 3D CAD, dyno and gas flow equipment. A dedicated workshop ensures we can produce prototypes through to making our manufacturing and assembly jigs.

To complement our in-house design and development capabilities we have the equipment to cut, form and weld tube and sheet metal into various shapes and sizes. A fine cut plasma machine, automatic saws, guillotines and presses, automatic rolling and seam welding, tube manipulation with CNC tube mandrel bending, with expanding and reducing, MIG & TIG welding – all the processes to manufacture various components in mild steel, stainless steel and also titanium.

Expanding facilities

Here at Motad we have a vast amount of machinery that we work with every single day to help us with the expanding of our pipe work to produce the up most highest quality of fit.

We are very hands on with every build we produce handmade from some of the finest British engineering around.

We have the facilities to over lap our pipe work to be able to give a tight and efficient fit with all of the exhausts that we produce.

Robot welder

To compliment our highly skilled welders we have recently invested in a robot welder to increase our flexibility to customer demand.  

Call us?

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